Connesta’s state-of-the-art technology is completely integrative and designed to break through barriers that made live content broadcasting dependent on costly hardware investment and technical expertise.

Connesta’s Cloud Control Room (CCR) is a software environment to create, direct, edit and broadcast live high IP-quality video and audio content. The CCR is capable of receiving multiple audiovisual streams from live cameras, video chats, video files, video streams, audio streams, graphic files, text templates and more. The intuitive and easy-to-operate interface lets users generate output streams that are combined from an unlimited number of sources. The generated content is streamed to CDNs for distribution.

Multiple sources, protocols and quality resolution
To create live content from anywhere in the world, all that is needed is an Internet-enabled media devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, PC or video camera. Connesta’s CCR supports multiple video stream protocols, such as RTSP, RTMP and SIP, and multiple resolutions, ranging from QCIF to full HD and even 4K where available, with aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9. Connesta supports mono or stereo audio with quality ranging from PCM to wide-band music up to 44 KHz sampling rate.

Simple drag and drop functionality enables one or multiple remote operators to direct live programs. The CCR can switch between sources and automatically scale sources to fit the defined broadcasting resolution and aspect ratio. In addition, the CCR generates broadcasted images combined from multiple live sources in a variety of layouts and supports graphic and text overlays for titles, logos and messaging.