Go on Live! Your audience is waiting for you with their tablets, smartphones and conecttedTVs.

Live content is what gets attention. Now you can deliver rich live content – anywhere and everywhere the Internet takes you. With Connesta’s Cloud Control Room (CCR) you can easily produce and broadcast all types of live content today, while developing new live content formats for tomorrow. Indoors or outdoors. Wherever it is, you can broadcast it.

Whether you already have a conventional control room or not, Connesta’s CCR expands your ability to engage with your audience. You can receive multiple live video sources from all across the globe, and manage a live “waiting room” for viewers waiting to go on the air. Enjoy on the spot live video feeds from mobile phone “reporters,” and expand your live reach by adding portable control room functionality for live events or simultaneously broadcast multiple “channels” of live content using the CCR as a second or third control room.

Here are just a few of the things publishers can do with Connesta’s CCR:

Broadcast live events:
news, rallies, sports,
conferences, & more
Host original content
by creating your own
in-house “studio,” to
engage experts and
Create “Top 10”
content lists to
screen and guide
users to the content
they want to see
viewer-based content
such as moderated
debates, dating
shows, live games,
opinions and polls
Let your imagination run wild. The barrier to live content has been broken.
Whatever you can dream, you can broadcast live.