Expand your audience and turn your fans’ tablets, smartphones and ConnectedTVs into concert halls.

Your live music content is your most valuable asset and Connesta’s CCR lets you take your music content to your fans – wherever they are and on any device.
With Connesta’s CCR, you don’t need expensive broadcasting vans or hardware to broadcast live to your fans’ smartphones, tablets or TVs. You can also create your own live music “channel” that meets the highest IP broadcasting standards.

Direct, edit and
produce live
performances using
fixed and mobile
cameras from a single
laptop or PC
Pan, tilt and zoom
control from remote –
no need for
Add on-site audience
to the mix allowing
them to broadcast
video streams from
mobile devices
Interact live with
viewers from all
over the world
Direct and produce
content from any
location, even remotely
Expand monetization
options with revenue
sharing models with
media partners, pay per
view content,
sponsorships and

With just a video-enabled device and Internet connectivity, Connesta’s CCR turns the whole world into your stage.