Tell your story and make an impact. Live and in color!

With Connesta’s Cloud Control Room (CCR), you can affordably integrate live, interactive video to effectively promote your cause and engage supporters. Whether for resource development, promotion, or government initiative efforts, there is no better way to affect change through demonstrating the value of your mission.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with Connesta’s CCR to expand your organization’s mission and realize its vision:

Broadcast engaging
live events to recruit
support and
communicate your
Open live interactive
video forums across
the globe
Educate your
community, audience
and sponsors with
engaging video
Let your supporters
and benefactors “be
there” in the field
Edit ongoing content,
valuable data and
Connesta’s CCR is the affordable way to let your voice be heard – and seen. It enables you to reach out to more supporters, policy makers and funding sources so that you can make a real difference.