Take your brand to the next level let everyone SEE your story. Live.

In markets as diverse as retail, fashion brands, financial services and consumer goods, customers are tuning in on tablets, smartphones and connected TVs to find solutions and make purchase decisions. Live video is the most engaging way to reach your customers.
Connesta’s Cloud Control Room allows you to easily communicate your brand and its story in the most compelling way – limited only by your imagination.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with Connesta’s CCR to engage your audience and promote your brand:

Broadcast live events
Edit, direct and produce
regular live broadcasts
to communicate
valuable messages to
your target market
Create “Top 10”
content lists to screen
and guide users to the
content they want
to see
“Visit” your audience
wherever they are and
connect with them in
Promote live
interactive video
forums on your brand
and bring live
communities to life
With Connesta’s CCR, you can embed IP-quality video content on your brand website and social media platforms. Yesterday’s TV channels are beening disrupted by targeted content applications on smartphones and tablets, where your brand can now “own” the channel.
Going “viral” no longer requires prohibitive investment, celebrities or full scripted productions. Connesta’s CCR puts you in control with the ideal solution to develop and broadcast branded interactive live content to engage your customers, manage the dialogue and tell your story.