Who can benefit from Connesta’s Cloud Control Room (CCR)?
Connesta’s CCR is the ideal tool to help any company, organization or individual who has audio-visual content broadcast it live. This virtual control room is a software-based solution that can receive multiple video sources, and generate a single stream combined from one or more of these sources. Through a simple user interface, the entire virtual control room can be operated by one person, and requires no prior video or broadcast experience. It can be operated on site or remotely, from anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity.How many live sources can be managed in one session?
There are no technical limitations on how many live sources Connesta can receive and manage. The system displays eight live sources at a time, as well as additional text titles, graphic elements and still images.Can I use video sourced from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets?
Yes. The Connesta CCR can receive multiple sources from any device, mobile or fixed, wireline or wireless as long as it uses a supported protocol. Connesta supports all major protocols in use today, such as RTSP, RTMP and SIP.Do all the live video feeds have to be the same protocol or resolution?
No. Unlike many other systems and traditional television broadcast, any of all of your video content sources can come in disparate resolutions, aspect ratios and or other audio-visual parameters. Connesta automatically adjusts the source input to the specified output.
Does a Director need to be where the live video is being recorded?
No. That’s what makes the Connesta control room a virtual control room. The Director and any or all of the live content sources can be anywhere in the world. Even on the moon. As soon as broadband Internet connectivity is available there!Can I have more than one program running simultaneously?
Yes. Because Connesta’s virtual control room runs in the cloud, the CCR supports multiple programs for the same account simultaneously.What is the minimal bandwidth needed to Direct live video with the Connesta CCR?
With Connesta, the Director receives audio and video from the cloud in one stream, regardless on how many sources there are. A standard ADSL connection is sufficient.Does Connesta provide tools to monetize my content?
The Connesta CCR supports in-stream add insertion, managed by the Director. Adds can be in pre-roll, mid roll and even within the content itself as a super imposed image/clip.Do I need a studio to broadcast live video?
No. That’s what Connesta is all about – taking the studio and control room to the cloud. You do not need a physical studio or special space. All you need is a PC and an Internet connection to run the user application. Everything is generated in cloud servers.