Live video production the easy way

Connesta’s Cloud Control Room (CCR) is a cloud-based media content platform. A software-based virtual control room, it enables you to:

Receive, manage and store multiple live video feeds

direct and edit rich content

Broadcast engaging content to any device

The hardware-free SaaS platform completely changes the cost paradigm for live video production, making it an affordable option for everyone.

Sources Unlimited

The Connesta CCR enables on-the-fly live video editing, direction and production from multiple live video sources simultaneously – sent from any type of device. Whether via wireline, wireless or cellular, Connesta’s CCR supports the vast majority of video formats and can handle any number of live video sources simultaneously.

Live made simple with great user interface

Not a video expert? No problem.

Connesta offers simple drag and drop features, combined with state-of-the-art automated video technology. You can easily embed visuals, such as logos and texts, and monetize your content with video advertisements. This one-person virtual control room lets you audit and direct live content from anywhere in the world so you can literally be everywhere you want to be and reach everywhere you need to reach.

Live on Any Device

Reach your audience wherever they are. Your customers and targets can view your live content on their tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, or PCs – wherever internet connectivity is available. Connesta’s CCR transmits a single video output, integrating with your website, application, CDN, content manager or any other “destination.”

So say goodbye to barriers to live content and go live with Connesta